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The German magazine PCWelt has announced our security software WSecure
in their review 12/06.


We are proud to present you our new release:

WSecure v1.01.00

Please note that we do not support old versions of WSecure anymore.

The new release of WSecure v1.01.00 has gained alot more Windows security improvements and old bugs are removed.
WSecure includes highest security presets which keep compatiblity between all Windows versions from XP to Windows 10 like you have never experienced before. All presets have successfully passed numerous security audits and are now ready to be used by you.
Also note, that our EULA, which you fully agree to if you use WSecure, has changed in some parts and only this last EULA is valid.

Now it is the time for you to try out our special security and administration software WSecure free of charge for personal use, or with a valid licence for commercial use.

We hope, that you will like to use WSecure and that it will help you everytime you need to apply settings to your computer. We will be thankful if you: suggest it, give us a feedback, or if you would like to give any other support to this project.

WSecure is - and this is its strength - a comprehensive compendium of set possibilities which we and possibly you too have never seen to date in any other software. You can integrate customized settings through a simple held scripting language, which is used to extend the configuration file and to define various new settings.

New self defined presets can be stored and added to other Windows machines easily and executed in seconds. We have paid high attention that all functions will be user-friendly adjustable for you with ease. You define the limits!

As an option in the registered version you can use additional functions like store own presets, define new settings or adjust the security auditing of your Windows machine.

The included documentation explains all WSecure functions and shows with examples how to use them.

Further informations for the use of WSecure you can find here.

Please review the file hashes for consistence after downloading with a tool like HashTab!

If you use a 32bit Operating-System (OS), please download the 32bit version.

WSecureSetup32.msi – v1.01.00
MD5: 6801B709EFAA7AE9BBB4CB3FF23B1722
SHA-1: 4866AB40A9300CF07873C9E4B230D86DAB2F4CD4
SHA-256: 9AB5290A9B97F9800A55DCE074539FCD1FEBADA4B6D4E51CB90DB555EA6A6B7A

WSecure.exe – 32bit
MD5: D2B9D76405EC51E9214B11815554EEB8
SHA-1: 01EB7D4AFAB6252122C2CBCAF2F754936E38D789
SHA-256: A0918F562AAC1C6F1F2A5B6DE4FF1891BE0FB24E7139FCB6C95A5002BD801171

If you use a 64bit Operating-System (OS), please download the 64bit version.

WSecureSetup64.msi – v1.01.00
MD5: 6637DDAB810AE8B8A1B22421586BC5C5
SHA-1: E178105C32AADC73AEEB54EEFDEACA773A316200
SHA-256: 7B4073941AECC732E7B1FD2A017179FF6D7193D790A91D9468EFA47905273B77

WSecure.exe – 64bit
MD5: 69A9AE0A88AB2787DBF67404D92BA931
SHA-1: 9FDD151FEA37A2A06C49793442CCAEDD19AA5CD6
SHA-256: A178F7EBE8777D033E3DD7DF407DBF9D09708480BE223B85DE44FF972345DCC5

If you want to buy a valid license, or if you need help with the use of WSecure

contact us here for your order, or here with the question you might have.